Fresh Peeled Onions
Best Buy Produce International Inc.

We mainly sell root vegetables - fresh and peeled. We have been in business for 20 years. Best Buy Produce started in 1996 in a small facility in Los Angeles peeling fresh garlic, shallots and ginger.

We are a wholesale produce company specialising in Fresh and Peeled ready to use product. The items include fresh garlic, peeled garlic, fresh shallots, peeled shallots, fresh cippolini, peeled cippolini, fresh pearl onions, peeled pearl onions, fresh ginger, and peeled ginger.

We also sell fresh lotus root, arrow root, water chestnuts, and many other Chinese root vegetables.

Fresh Peeled Garlic
Best Buy Produce - Wholesale Produce Company
Shallots Onions Garlic Ginger Others

We sell garlic from California (domestic) , China, Spain, and Argentina
Shallots - Domestic (from Oregon, Idaho), Holland, France, and China
Ginger - from China
Lotus Root, arrow root, water chestnut - from China