Best Buy Produce International Inc.

When Clara Shih and her husband Danny Tani opened Best Buy Produce International in Los Angeles in 1996, they followed a simple formula: source quality produce, add value by peeling, packing, and labeling, and sell them to customers at a good price.

Today, after twenty years of hard work, Best Buy Produce has a sprawling network of domestic and international producers and a new 40,000 square foot facility facility in Irvington, New Jersey near the Ports of New York and New Jersey. Employees now on the east and west of the United States prepare garlic, ginger, shallots and an array of specialty onions grown in the United States and products imported from China, Europe, Canada, South America and domestic product for distribution across the East Coast, Midwest, South, and of course, in the West.

Over the years, Best Buy Produce has built a really strong group of domestic producers in California,Idaho, Oregon, Colorado, and other states. Best Buy Produce recently opened a state of the heart location across the country so that they can reach new markets with domestic and imported products.

Best Buy Produce product line has grown and changed with the needs of our customers. We are truly grateful for the continued support and trust in our company that has enabled us to expand into new markets. We look forward to new challenges and opportunities ahead.